The Dearmi 'Pretty Safe' was created as space to safely store the things that mean most to you. We wanted Dearmi to feel luxurious and meaningful, so no matter what was put in there, you felt like your daily ramblings still had purpose.

The idea of a hiding spot isn’t anything new, everyone understands the need to have a space that is just for them.
A place where you can say and do ridiculous things that are a part of your own personal journey. A place where you can divulge your feelings and desires, and keep the things that mean nothing to anyone but everything to you, safe.

Dearmi is dedicated to creating a quality product for your own purpose. Our products aim to encourage writing for the benefits of mental health and attempt unique and modern ways of therapy. Dearmi aims to use this thoughtful project to inspire writing and privacy in times where most things aren't. 

No matter what the purpose is for you, keep it safe with Dearmi.



Hi, It’s Hannah. Writing means so much to me, It’s something that for me will always remain so important and I will never stop being an advocate for it. I want to help remove stigmas and advocate for everyone reading this to start or continue to write. 
 Ever since I began writing I felt free but often lacked a sense of security and safety. 
I searched for a product to store my writing. I found chunky metal safes or tiny jewellery locks but never a journal safe. Now I’ve created one, many in fact so others can write with a new confidence and freedom. 
I truly hope this is the start of more writing and expression.
 Keep yours safe with Dearmi.